Monday, August 10, 2015

Grandpa's Book: The Story of Mount Washington (41/60)

The Story of Mount Washington
by F. Allen Burt
My grandfather, F. Allen Burt, wrote the history of Mount Washington back in the late 1950s. Published in 1960, The Story of Mount Washington, shares a wealth of history, science, and stories of this venerable mountain. Much of the book comes from the archives of my grandfather's father and grandfather who published a newspaper on the top of the mountain from the 1870s to early 1900s.

I convinced myself some years ago that I had read this book as a young man. But I'm certain now that I only spot read various sections. But now I will.

I doubt many from my family have read this book. It's curious how that happens. I've noticed it in my own career: family members haven't read my books or articles. I wonder if it has something to do with the way we view authors as–would it be–other-worldly. Or perhaps it's more like, "Well, that's my brother or grandfather or aunt... what does she have to say me?"

No matter. It's time to read Grandpa.  

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