Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yes, Gayle... another Whitecap Hike (18/60)

I suppose it's about being able to do it on a moment's notice when I have 2 hours or so to spare. I suppose it's about the mountain views, the little streams, the exercise, and the alone time (not that we writers don't have massive amounts of that each and every day). And, I guess, somewhere tugging at my gut, hiking my backyard mountain is about getting older and knowing that climbing mountains won't always be part of my life's repertoire. It's great to keep collecting these memories. To see the whole slide show of photographs, a lot like all those other Whitecap photos I've posted (Gayle!), just click on this sentence.

Grabbing some shade on a lazy hazy August day. 

Hazy western mountains before the storm

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