Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gotcha Day! July 10, 2010 (Eight weeks)

After playing, eating, peeing, and you- know- whating, Bailey took a snooze and so did cousin Lucky. For Rich, time to snab a bagel and answer email with thoughts of this evening bounding around. You see, Bailey wasn't all that fond of his crate. He hollered when he was placed in it, and finally---like the book says---rich took him out to the Condo's deck and yard area for nature's call. Rich tried a bit of food in the crate, and Bailey dove right in and sprinted right out after eating up the snacks.


  1. He's adorable, Rich! We crate trained our dogs, too, and it worked out very well. Enjoy your time with him! :D


  2. oh my goodness... he's such a ball of fluff! Congrats. Can't wait to meet him!