Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Night

Puppy hangover.

Finally, Bailey climbed into the crate and slept. I slept next to him on a sleeping bag and sometimes I had to put my hand in through the wires to reassure him. I took him out once during the night. We all got up at 5 am (our house guest Lucky, a 7 year old pup, wasn't too pleased) and Bailey, my intelligent-handsome dog, peed and pooped when we got into the condo's backyard. After breakfast, Bailey played with me for 45 minutes and Lucky retreated to the living room for more sleep.

Now, Bailey is having a running or playing dream while he curls up lovingly...with the gas stove...


  1. Welcome to the world of pet ownership. They will steal your heart, soil your home and ruin your social life, Enjoy!!!

  2. Sleeping bag huh? The things we do for our dogs!