Monday, March 18, 2024

Saying Hi to Neighborhood Pals and a Burst of Energy!

Finn and Kobe

Depending on the walk we take in the neighborhood, we see a different crew of dog friends. Two of our favorites are Kobe and Finn. Other favorites include Duke and Stella, Delilah, Anna, Grif, and so many nameless dogs who bark at us from their windows or chains.     

Last night, I checked in with my brother, Fred, about food for Bailey. He suggested beef broth on the burger I fry for Bailey, He lapped it up. I gave him the same this morning. And what happened? I was answering email and heard a bark... and another. Bailey came prancing into my room with Charlie, his toy chicken. It's the first time in 2 weeks that he's tried to play with me and his toys. So very cool to see the old boy back, even for a morning.   

Let's play! 

Bailey and Charlie the Chicken

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