Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Back-to-back hikes with the old dog

See the puppy in the Old Dog? Click on pictures to enlarge. 

On Christmas and Boxing Day, we ventured out after work, and between football games, to take small hikes on local mountains. These days it feel more like November or April than late December. Right now, I kind of like that, especially after the flood. 

I may have written this earlier on, but I'm too lazy to check, but hiking with Bailey is like hiking with a DEA sniffer dog. He doesn't let much pass by without a probing sniff. Rarely, is he in my sight. When I run into another hiker, I always ask, "Are you bothered by an unleashed dog?" They look around as if to say, "What dog?" "He's sniffing most everything about a quarter mile back."   

Hiking with Bailey these days also gets me thinking about our last hike together. With the condition of his hips, that last hike could be any day now. Last year on Whitecap Mountain, a hiker asked me why he was still hiking once she discovered his age. She went on to explain that her older dog had retired from hiking the year before. "Ah," I said. "Well, Bailey's a mountain dog and this is where he belongs."  


Christmas Day... up Yellow Trail to the Saddle; back down to the Connector Trail and across to Orange Trail and down. 

Boxing Day on Mystery Mountain

We hadn't been on Mystery Mountain for about a month or more. Even though it was a bit muddy, I enjoyed the hike. So'd Bailey... :-) 

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