Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Catching up

From today's hike on Whitecap Mountain 
"We just wandered around today. I worried that the old dog would slip on the leaves coming down Yellow, so we turned around and crossed on the Connector over to Orange and down. We’ve had 13+ good years hiking Whitecap and many other mountain trails. Those days are slowly coming to an end. We’ll keep doing what we can, knowing any time on a trail is a good time. HYOH, Bailey Tuckerman and Rich"

These past three weeks since the Germans left have been light hiking days. As you can see by the Whitecap post above, Bailey's slowing down and I'm being more cautious with him. I just bought a rug for the kitchen's wooden floor. Slipping is a problem for his back legs.   

These past few weeks we've done Whitecap 7 times, the mountain bike trail (Pennacook Trail) 4 times, Black Mountains XC trail 1 time, Mystery Mountain 1 time, and the Weld trails once. Only one hike would prove to be formidable: Whitecap to the Yellow overlook where Bailey's cairn is. Here are a few photos from these days. We're at 138 mountain hikes for the year. 


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