Saturday, September 30, 2023

WHITECAP WITH BAILEY: Canadian Forest Fire Smoke and Gould Academy hikers... Hundreds of them!

Bailey on the steeps just
before the final granite ascent. 

On Friday afternoon, I drove up to Whitecap Mountain with the plan to hike the second connector trail loop, a.k.a, Yellow trail to the second Connector trail and then back down the Orange Trail. But, Bailey seemed energized to do more than that 2 miles. So, up we went over the 3 steep ascents to the summit of Yellow Trail. There was no view to speak of; instead, I could hear kids' voices all over the mountain. Pretty fun. Naturally, with all the buses and cars parked at the bottom, I knew what was happening: A Gould Academy Hike Day. 

What a great group of kids. At about 3pm, we were all spilling down the mountain. The GA's and their teachers all smiled and greeted us as we trekked down. Some kids took time to show Bailey some love. I wouldn't want every hike we take filled with teenagers or anyone, for that matter, but yesterday's descent sure was fun. 

Hanging on the final granite ascent

Smokey view

Majestic Cairn

One happy old dog

Glimmers of fall blueberry bushes


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