Thursday, July 27, 2023

Tyler & Hudson: A father's questions and a son's curiosity

Hudson at the Kawanhee Inn
chatting about dessert with
his brother. Luke (a.k.a., Kook)

I've been blessed with many thoughtful letters from students and athletes throughout my career.  This morning, I received one from my nephew, Tyler. As he put his son Hudson to bed, they selected a book. This time they chose my chapbook of poetry, Entering Weld––a fun choice since they just returned from a week at camp.  I loved Tyler's retelling of their conversation and especially the way Dad fostered his son's questions...   

Hey Uncle Richie,

Thought you would enjoy this story!

Hudson asked to read a book tonight.  I found "Entering Weld" and told him uncle Richie wrote it.  He said, "can we read it?".  He started off by asking where the pictures were.  Eventually he settled on Winter Sunrise, because it had a picture.  He asked why there's snow and ice in Maine so I went on to explain how the lake freezes in winter.  He asked, "how do the boats go on the ice?", and it turned into a discussion about ice breaker ships.  He asked about the ice breakers in Maine so I explained there aren't any, but there is ice fishing.  He decides we wants to ice fish.  At the end of it we decide on a kids book, but he asked for his moose stuffy before we read that one. 

Long story short, he is already developing a love for Maine and an appreciation for Uncle Richie!

Thanks again for letting us make a mess of the place, I chopped some wood and put it under the Edwards camp by boat house.  Uncle Fred said it's too green so maybe next Winter!

Have a good rest of Summer.


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