Monday, April 24, 2023

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Sunday River from Mystery Mountain

April's been an OK month for hiking. Over the first 3 weeks, we've taken 7 hikes, one hike every three days. Spring is always difficult for hiking because I have to rely on microspikes. I'm not a fan of snowshoes; without them, it's easy to fall through deep snow--what we in the hiking world call post-holing. For me, post-holing can cause hyperextensions of one or both knees. I've got that right now. Wicked fun. Not. This season also affects Bailey with slips and post-holing, too. He's a good sport, especially if treats are involved.    

Two days ago, Bailey and I hiked Whitecap's Yellow trail, our first full ascent of Yellow since December. In the winter, we stay on Orange primarily because there aren't any cliffs like on Yellow. We do hike up Yellow on the snowmobile trail, but that's not as fun as hiking Orange. We also hiked Mystery Mountain, our first time up since December, too. That's where I landed my first tick. 

Yesterday, we hiked Mystery Mountain-Plus, what ends up being close to 4 miles. I wore a knee brace like an old guy because of a hyperextension. Bailey just kept his head down and plowed through. Just like life sometimes... put your head down and keep on trucking. 

Looking for the summit treat. Fair enough. 

Bailey at the summit of Mystery Mountain. 

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