Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Espen's news

Espen and Bailey, October 2019

Espen (Denmark) was here several years ago with a boy named Moritz from Germany/Belgium. Espen loved playing soccer and skiing, and he spent time on the baseball and track teams. 

He came back to visit in the fall of 2019. During that visit, he went on a 3-day canoe trip with the high school Outing Club and another of my exchange students, Sebino.  We also went hiking. 

After a trip to Asia with his girlfriend, Espen decided to join the Danish Army. Now, he protects the Queen of Denmark's castle!  I'm sure this is a good experience for Espen. Next, I'm guessing, will be university. But, who knows. Maybe he'll stay in the Army. 

Guard uniform

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