Monday, July 4, 2022

Fourth of July on Whitecap... Hike #100

Looking out at Sunday River's White Heat and the Mahoosuc Mountain Range.
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Today started with a food gift from my neighbor Gina and then a fun email chat with long-time friend, Bill Morgan, retired teacher and coach who splits his time between Maine and Florida. 

After a solid writing day--I'm closing in on the ending of a full draft--the old mutt and I headed down the road to Whitecap Mountain for a 4.5 mile hike. A solid wind kept the bugs away--except for a lone horse fly not quite a mile down Isle (Orange) trail. Little bugger. I may have nailed him with my lemon eucalyptus spray... I hope he can't see for a month. 

About 3:00pm we met two separate families hiking up Starr (Orange) trail. Both groups were half way up, and when I said 1.2 miles to go, I could see the weariness in their eyes. It's a steady hike--a real hike, especially for families with kids 12 or below. I suggested if they got to the merge of Yellow and Orange and had had enough, that they trek out on Yellow to get a great view of Sunday River, The White Mountains, the Mahoosuc Range, and Old Speck Mountain where the AT traverses its summit. 

Bailey Tuckerman developed a bit of a limp in his right leg on the way down. After examining it, I figured the soreness developed after a busy week of hikes and walks. I'll give him a few days off and perhaps a respite at daycare... Here we come, Aunt Sharon.  

Finally, I know I said I wouldn't count hikes this year, but my hiking app, AllTrails, automatically counts them... so, there you have it... #100.  Happy 4th! 

"Are we there yet?"

Ascent on Starr

Bailey's Carin

Old guy, Old Dog 

Sunday River

Full bush blueberries 

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