Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Walking Wounded on Whitecap

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The old mutt and I have been battling small injuries. We're both limping but Bailey also landed a case of bacteria in his stomach. Fun! We recovered enough this week to hike our favorite, Rumford's Whitecap, as well as Red Hill. Ticks are in full bloom. I'm pretty vigilant and Bailey has NexGard... I wish they had this drug for people. Pop a pill, a tick bites you, and it dies. What could be better? 

I pay attention to our longer, steeper hikes. I know we're creeping toward that last hike together. Bailey won't be pleased being left at home, but he'll just have to dog up and face aging square in the face and eat a Peanut Butter Kong.    

Look close...

Mountain goat


Sunday River 


Western view toward the White Mountains

Old Speck's Peak

Sunday River

Two old guys

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