Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hiking Black Mountain: Hitting over 500 miles!

I suppose a treat is out of the question? 
Click on photos to enlarge. 

After lunch today, we headed up to Black Mountain of Maine to hike the ski slopes. This hike brought us to over 500 miles. Yay!

For the past 7 months, most of my blogging focus has been on the exchange students. They went home last week as did most international high school students in America. It made sense--I'd want my kid to be with me during this uneasy time. Our first day of quarantine provide time for our last family outing: we also hiked Black Mountain. I featured that hike on the boys' blog: Bailey's Brothers: Guido and Sebino.

Bailey has a favorite hill on the Allagash Trail. On the top, there's a picnic table, and I'm betting that the skiers leave scraps of food that delight him. Here's a fun sequence of photographs:

Look to the top of the hill...

Now you see him? :-) 

There he is...

Closer still. 

Hi, Bailey! 

There have been times when he climbed down the face of that hillside. It's steep and really isn't an easy descent. Today, he came back down the other way. 

Here are a few more photos from the day plus the map and information page from the AllTrails hiking app. 

View from Black Mountain 

Mount Blue in Weld

Mt Blue

Our tracks as we head back down. 

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