Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Farewell, my friends.

Noemi, Jose, Sofia, and Felipe headed back to Leon, Mexico yesterday after 10 days in America.  Little Jose loved skiing in the Sunday River ski school with kids his own age and a fun instructor. His English improved and now he's convinced that he wants to attend Kawanhee Boys Camp  in Weld this summer. That'll be an adventure for him and for the whole family. Sofia is geared up to attend university and then plans to study abroad at schools like Stanford. What a fabulous opportunity for her. And Jose and Noemi continue to reinvent their business with 3 branches: Sato restaurants, Itacate brand foods, and Sushitai restaurants. They have 400 employees; these two dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs continue reinventing themselves and their business.

See you this summer, my friends!

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