Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ah, the good old days: Titcomb Ski Slopes, Farmington, Maine (Ski Area #3)

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Climbing the slopes of Titcomb flooded me with memories. First, an Eastern Amateur Ski Association race back in the 1960s. I ran at the back of the race about #195. The ruts--the snow piles that created by racers pushing the snow to the outside--were 2- to 3-feet tall. If you're not as ski racer, you might think of the skiers pushing the snow and creating a kind of bobsled run. I also thought about my brother Fred and watching him as a ski racer win the Wes Marco Slalom Race, a traditional ski race held in Farmington on Titcomb Mountain.

After wandering the alpine trails, I walked along the cross-country ski trails. There's one spot that I remember well. My ski racer, Danny Greenleaf, a senior, was a top Maine skier who traded wins with an XC ski racer from Farmington named Mike Varulo. In the state championship meet in Farmington, the racers completed three laps and Dan and Mike went out together. The two of them went back and forth as leaders. On the third lap, Danny, a lanky boy, overtook Mike for the final time as they headed out for the third lap and Dan's eventual championship. Here's the photo of that moment.

Dan is bent over at the waist and in the white hat
is Mike Varulo... check out the quad muscles.  Below
is the same corner 34 years later.
Dan Greenleaf at Lake Placid NY
N.E. High School Championships 1985
In 1985, we were the State Champion Runners-Up in Class A Skiing.

View from the top of Titcomb Mountain. 
Starting Hut for the UMF Ski Team. 


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