Monday, April 8, 2019

The Rig (41/60...still at it!)

So, this happened. Back in the 1980s, I began having this odd obsession with motor homes (a.k.a., RVs). I'd drive down to the dealership in Auburn or over in Berlin, NH, and walk through the rigs. I pictured myself traveling here and there with my toilet and bed in the back seat. My obsession got so bad that one set of close friends bought me an RV Christmas ornament. 

It's difficult to figure how many hundreds of hours I spent visiting RV dealerships and talking about the things with whomever would listen. And once Internet came along, I'd hate to have the figures on hours spent on RV dealership sites, sales sites, Facebook travel sites.... 

In late January, I started to fall off the cliff of reasonability (is that a word?) and in February, on Valentine's Day, I took the plunge. With the substantial help of Bank of America, I bought a 2019 Winnebago Travato 59G. I tried to buy in Maine, but the "dealer" wouldn't deal on price. So, I flew to Ohio and got The Rig for $10,000 less than the price in Maine for a 2018. Crazy. 

My plan is to try it out for 3 years or more (or, I suppose, less). To rent one for a whole month is $6000, so I decided buying made sense. I may come back to discuss the why's of this purchase, but for now... here's to The Rig.  

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