Monday, March 10, 2014

Visiting Friends…. Kate, Nate, and Lulu 35/60

It is Spring Break, so I traveled south with a keg of beer in tow. OK. So, no keg, but we did go south as far as Cape Elizabeth for a long-overdue visit with my friends LULU, Kate, and Nate. Kate is a writer whose book End Over End is a favorite. She also directed the Southern Maine Writing Project up until a few months ago when she retired (lucky girl). We've shared many an email and phone call over our writing project work and our favorite: budgets. (Kate went to the Richard B. Kent School of Finance… we were quasi-clueless but never gave up.) Nate's a former college administrator-turned-landscaper who keeps a mean garden and loves to give tours of Prouts Neck. And then there's Lulu… sweet Lulu… she ran Bailey ragged out on Higgins Beach. At full sprint, she'd throw herself at Bailey like a defensive back and nipped playfully at his hind quarter--again, at full sprint. Bailey's exhausted!

We ate homemade soup and bread while talking writing and life. The dogs roamed, tested each other's treats, sniffed, and played. I do love knowing people's place--geography says a lot. Kate, Nate, and Lulu have a warm and welcoming  home with over-stuffed chairs, inviting artwork and family photos, lots of daylight, and backyard full of bones and toys and an itsy-bitsy writer's cabin that I'm coming back to visit. Remember to click on photos to enlarge!

Nate & Kate (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Sweet Lulu before she ran Bailey into the ground
"What's next?" 
"I'm digging Bailey's treat." 
Ride home: Exhausted… he slept all the way. 

Back home: "Where's Lulu?" 

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  1. It was great to see you, Rich, and meet Bailey. What a winning tag-team. Speaking of tag-teams, Lulu was exhausted too after you left--slept the whole afternoon. I sure love walking the beach with dogs (and people). Unfortunately, Lulu pooped all over the living room rug (the pale one this time), second night in a row. Would like to blame it on Bailey but he wasn't implicated in the first incident... This has never happened before. Hmmm.