Friday, September 20, 2013

Back side of Tumbledown

Bailey has a small health issue--a limp in his front leg that probably happened when he was playing too hard at Sharon's daycare--so I avoided dragging him up a mountain side. Instead, we walked the roads on the back side of Tumbledown for an hour. First, we dropped off laundry in Weld and then drove around the lake to the West Brook road. With the big rains a week ago, the gravel road heading off toward Tumbledown had been washed out. We took an alternative route and landed on a cut-off to Tumbledown. Bailey got a chance to wade into a river to cool his aching bones. The view, captured with my new el-cheapo TracPhone phone doesn't do justice the beauty... but it gives you an idea of what western Maine has to offer for mountain views.

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