Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainy hike on Whitecap (6/60)

Waiting for a treat on the Connector Trail
Whitecap 07/09/13. 
We've had pretty poor weather recently: hot, humid, hazy. Today, more rain but a bit cooler. We waited for awhile to see if the rain would stop. It did to a degree, so we headed out at noon-thirty and sloshed our way up the main trail on Whitecap and headed across the Connector Trail. Slippery and a bit mudded, the trail is always a good place when the words of a writing project aren't feeling original, purposeful, or interesting. Then again, writing poorly in first draft ain't half bad. In fact, that's what I normally do. Anyway, good to be out in nature and #6 of 60 is hiking in the rain!

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