Friday, June 7, 2013

It's either sucking up Lady Bugs and Cluster Flies, or cleaning and reminiscing: Ways Not to Write.

I should be working on one thing or another with my writing--but, no... if there are no Lady Bugs or bloated Cluster Flies floating around the house, I clean. And when I dig into a desk drawer, anything can surface.

Take this lacrosse ball from our first-ever game (and first win) back in 1990. I stopped my cleaning and sorting ...  took a photo ... and posted it on Facebook ... and then read and responded to feedback from former players and friends.

It's a rainy Friday afternoon, and I have the author's ambition that's the size of a dust mite. But, my bathroom is clean, the laundry's done, pages upon pages of "stuff" has been filed, and I've enjoyed chatting with some former student-athletes on Facebook.

In the great scheme of things, I suppose that's not such a bad way to spend an afternoon.

MVHS Lax Seniors and their stylish coach... 

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