Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Christmas! Bailey, Zack, and Mazy.

Our friend Bailey Means adores... revels in... Christmas! Several years back as a graduate student in teaching, Bailey came to our university class ringing bells and singing songs as she proclaimed, "I just love Christmas!"Since then, she's delivered home-crafted cards with personal notes and Christmas gifts. Most recently, as The Human Companion to Mazy the Golden Retriever, Bailey has sent clothing for Bailey Tuckerman. This year, a tie for holiday parties!

All dressed up and waiting for an invitation!
A few weeks back I happened to run across Bailey on campus. The first question, of course: "How's Mazy?"

"I never knew how much love I had to give," said Bailey, "until I got this dog."

 Our dog friends are nodding.

Happy Christmas
Bailey, Zack, and Mazy. 

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