Sunday, February 6, 2011

A long walk with Tuck...

I've been pushing through with my book project and fortunately, Tucker Phelps, who does some yard work at the house, was willing to take Bailey out for a long walk yesterday and today. The two also played some snow bank Frisbee as you'll see below.

When I first began thinking of names for Bailey, Tucker made the list. I thought of Tucker after Mount Washington's Tuckerman Ravine. As most know, I ended up with the name Bailey Tuckerman... the dopey little pup had a lot of "Bailey" in him, I thought.

Tuckerman Ravine is a long and accurate stone's throw from our family's namesake, Burt Ravine. Great-great Grandfather Burt started a newspaper on the summit of the mountain and his grandson, F. Allen Burt, wrote the mountain's history in The Story of Mount Washington (Dartmouth, 1961). Our little ravine is just off to the left of the Cog Railway track on Mount Washington.

But I digress. The upshot of this entry: Bailey is out cold and snoring on my office floor. He is having periodic snowbank-frisbee puppy dreams chasing his buddy Tuck and that white frisbee... Tucker did his job. Thanks, Tuck!

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