Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode to Gipper (who has gone home)

Ode to Gipper

(who has gone home)

The drool spots on the floors and furry dust-bunnies

have been wiped or swept away,

The thumping of a game of smackdown with a stuffed animal

echoes no more through the house.

The poop bags no longer pile up in the garbage cans

in the garage,

The walks up and down the street to the accompaniment

of neighborhood barks are over.

No more jingling of tags follows us from room to room,

And no more middle-of-the-night "rearranging" of beds.

Peace and quiet returns to our home...

But it's almost too quiet and a little lonely

without Gipper.

We miss you, Pup!

by Grand-Dog Mother Connie

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