Thursday, July 26, 2012

“Research, Resources, and the Writing” of More than Petticoats: Remarkable Maine Women

What a delight to enjoy Kate Kennedy's insights, wisdom, and humor in class today. Not only did she give us background on writing a nonfiction piece such as More Than Petticoats, she also explained how a real life story of a murdered girl turned into a novel titled End Over End. And what a beautiful way to end the morning with Kate's Nate sharing a story of how to motivate that next chapter.... 

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  1. I've loved reading through your nonfiction week on your blog! What a lucky group to have had all this great learning in one week. Ahh...Kate and Nate-loved meeting him at the Conference in Orlando a few years ago. By the way, your stack of books in the above post reminds me of a poem I'm going to try with my students if my librarian will let us make a mess of the books. Have you ever heard of book spine poetry? Google it.