Friday, May 26, 2017

Red Hill & Black/White Trail

We spent a sunny spring afternoon hiking the trails up Red Hill over to Black/White trail. After hiking the back side of of Black Mountain, we went to the large tower on the summit ad then down the ski trails. 

Click on photos to enlarge. This is Mount Washington from Red Hill.

Contemplating life

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bailey turns 7 years old...

Over the years I've read books and websites about Bernese Mountain Dogs. Most address the sad reality of a Berner's longevity... cancer and bad hips take them early and often. Their average life span in the USA? About seven years.  Pretty sobering.

On Sunday, Bailey's 7th birthday, I treated him to a one-inch piece of bacon and a few extra dog treats. We took a long walk in the pouring rain and stopped at our local garage where the attendant handed him several treats. In truth, Bailey's life is one big smorgashborg.  

During the day, I also thought a lot about this milestone year. Seven. We dog parents sure do get connected to our pets. When they die, do we mourn them or the part of our own lives that has been lost? Both, I suppose. Since Bailey is with me most of the time–and I do mean "with" me–after his death I know I'll feel the emptiness.

As I write this quick blog, Bailey is asleep on the floor in my home office. His left paw is about 3 inches away from my right foot. He's always nearby. That's the nature of Bernese Mountain Dogs–they need to be with their people. And I suppose the same holds true for us: we have to be with our Berners.

Bailey Tuckerman at about 8 weeks old. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two days after "ice out."

I saw on Weld's Facebook site, "You Know You're from Weld, Maine if..." that the wind came up on Friday, April 28, and out went the ice. One Spring I arrived the day of ice out--I figure I missed the event by a few minutes, but on the beach in front of the Burt Camp, a pile of ice about six feet high and 30 - 40 feet long lined the beach.

The last of the snow on Little Jackson. 

The winter winds and snow slapped the wood pile around. 

Birds and the %$#^ Squirrel

This winter I began feeding the birds. Except for the damned squirrel, I've enjoyed the experience. Here are few shots from this spring. You'll note Bailey in the last mound of snow in our yard. Plus, the squirrel.  

After a Whitecap Mountain hike. 


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Road Trip: The Presidential Range (NH)

Presidential Range from near Twin Mountain, NH. 
Click on all photos to enlarge. 
Mount Washington.
Mount Washington with the Cog Railway traversing the slope.
Mount Washington Hotel

Mount Washington with the Cog tracks to the left
Top of The Rock. 
Ravine to the left of the Cog is Burt Ravine
Burt Ravine

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Celebrating Anne

Anne, Betty, and Joe
I have been searching for a gift to celebrate my writing partnership and friendship with Anne. When I saw Blue Violet by Mary Hart, I knew I'd found the perfect piece.

Tonight, we toasted the end of winter (even though it's 6 degrees with a wind chill of –20) with a vegetarian dinner replete with delectable h'orderves by Joe and a scrumptious casserole by Anne.

Blue-Violet by Mary Hart

First home at Anne and Joe's 

P.S. Click on photos to enlarge. Mary, check out the painting over Betty's head :-)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Uncle Allen's Gift... Twins?

Bailey's Uncle Allen sent us a look-a-like t-shirt today. Does this make us twins? Thanks, Allen! It's great to be remembered.

Click photos to enlarge

Thursday, February 9, 2017

My High School Ski Coach

Rich and Coach Herbie Adams (click to enlarge)

Last weekend during the Chisholm Ski Club's 100th Anniversary celebration, I asked my high school ski coach, US History teacher, and friend, Herb Adams, to sign the ski club's new book for our family. Three of the five Kent kids skied for Herbie in the 1960s and 1970s... during that time we landed state and New England Ski Championships.

A decade later as the ski coach, I had the pleasure of coaching Herb and Dottie's two kids, Derek and Erin. We knocked off a few championships of our own back then. Great memories with a fabulous ski family.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Cross-Country Ski Coach at 97 years old

On Friday evening, February 3rd, I went up to the ski area to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chisholm Ski Club. Chummy escaped his nursing home to sign the club's new history books. For me, the moment proved special as Chummy complimented me on my work for local skiing. I have to say that I was touched. The two of us traded a few short stories about skiing in the River Valley, and then he told me how he met his late wife. Just so you know, she did not kiss him good night when he walked her home after their first date. Smart woman.
Chummy Broomhall and Rich 
Chummy far right.
Chummy racing