Saturday, July 21, 2012


Ad for Coaching Management Magazine
In October of 2011, I sold an article on Athletic Team Notebooks and Journals to Athletic Management magazine (circulation: 30,100). The editor came back to me after its publication asking to use the article in other upcoming editions of sister publications called Coaching Management (football, volleyball, and baseball editions). 

For each edition, I revised my article to fit the specific sport. The revision may have taken me 20 hours or less.  Each version included an author's biography and my book's website:

For this publishing company, writers do not receive additional money for revised reprints, so I asked the editor if she'd consider running a free ad. She checked with the publisher and ... yes! 

One quarter page ad in Athletic Management is pricey, so I feel good about the trade. Heather Boyle, my book's marketing person at Peter Lang/USA, created this ad that's set to run in the fall. 

Lesson learned: just ask--you never know.   

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