Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Big "4"… Happy Birthday, Bailey

Bailey at 4 weeks
Bailey turned 4 on May 14th. It's curious how a dog's life can make us mindful of our own. Four years have passed since first visiting Bailey, his two sisters, and Maggie, his mom. Smitten with the three puppies, I made the decision. Since I was on sabbatical for the fall, I had the time to do the basic puppy training necessary.

If Bailey were to live the American average for Bernese Mountain Dogs, his life would end at 7.5 years. I sure hope that doesn't happen! But if it did, I've enjoyed this joyful mutt. Every single morning he awakes and howls and climbs up on my bed with his front paws to celebrate the day. Naturally, he's happy to see me, but part of his joy surfaces because he's about to eat. Each and every morning, I smile.
Bailey at 8 weeks.

Four year old with his special Birthday Bone!

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