Monday, September 2, 2013

Taking time... chatting with my nephew (19/60)

Denny and the girls. 
I don't take the time I should. I'm not sure when this rush-rush way of being happened for me, but... there you have it. For example, this summer after writing through the morning, I tended to cut my fun times short to get back to my work desk. There, I'd peck away on a draft or roll my eyes at the onslaught of email that invaded my inbox. Yesterday, I fought the urge of running home from an afternoon at Weld and enjoyed a leisurely few hours with my sister's son, Denny. We talked about work--he's a vice president at Cisco Systems now!--, his kids, travel, Weld... and his mom, my favorite sister.  It sounds clich√© to talk about how rushed life is--but it is for me. I do know people who know how to kick into the leisure mode, but that's just not me right now. Perhaps when the day comes that I leave the university I'll be able to live a writer's life: morning writing, lunch-time email, and afternoon playtime. And the evening? Time for extended conversations and dinners. Sounds good. We'll see if it happens.      

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