Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breaking News: Dog Loves Bone... a gift from our friends, Peggy & Jimmy Hegedus

Bigger than a Buick!
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Now they qualify as "Aunt" Peggy and "Uncle" Jimmy, parents of Jim Hegedus, my former UMaine student and advisee... who also happened to be one extraordinary runner... and a person we lost way too soon.
Jim Hegedus in class at UMaine, 2004

As they have in the past, Peggy and Jimmy sent me one of Jim's Memorial 5K t-shirts. Added to the package was a huge bone for Bailey. Here's a dog that eats sticks, but he looked at this mega bone and wondered, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Do I eat something this big? 
We'd just finished a local hike, and we were both hungry. Consequently, it didn't take Bailey long to figure out that this mega bone was a absolutely delectable. Thanks to Peggy and Jimmy for their kindnesses. I love the t-shirt for its style and flare... and because it reminds me a fabulous student and runner.
Oh baby. 


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