Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trail Magic (8/60)

For hikers on the Appalachian Trail, unexpected gifts of food, water, and even lodging pop up during their 2185.9 mile hike. Such gifts are known as Trail Magic. I took in 3 SOBO (south-bound hikers) this weekend and provided room and board. A day off on the AT is known as a Zero Day. Josh (trail name "Milkrun"), Trevor ("Crunchmaster"), and Matt (no trail name yet) are recent high school graduates exploring the AT, their own understandings of our world, and themselves. All three keep some sort of journal--Trevor's is extensive and found online (Trevor a.k.a., Crunchmaster's AT Journal website) (Trevor's AT Hike on Facebook) while Matt and Josh keep handwritten journal books.

As of this morning, the three are staying an extra day because they've been asked by the Maine Warden's Service to supply any information they may have about about a lost hiker. The young men left at 5:30 this Sunday morning for the Command Headquarters with Warden Brock Clukey. They'll hike into the area they believe they may have seen this hiker.    
Drying boots on Zero Day

Drying tents
Matt jotting thoughts in his Trail Journal

Matt and Trevor taking in some pinball.

Bailey resting fron all the hubbub of visitors. 
Trail Magic Treats. 
Mud-caked hiking boots. 
Milkrun (a.k.a., Josh) chilling on the side porch during his Zero Day. 

Pizza and Salad. 
5am Breakfast prior to heading out to help
with the Search and Rescue of a lost hiker. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog. Thanks for taking these boys in. This will be a highlight of their journey, hopefully many more to come.