Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hanging with fellow writers at NEWI (7/60)

"The writer is the person 
who stays in the room."
                      --Ron Carlson
Northeast Writing Institute 2013
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This past 3 days I've worked and written with 10 wonderful writers, including my friend and colleague Kate Kennedy, author of End Over End and More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Maine Women. During our time, we explored ideas, crafted scenes, and slammed words onto the page. We talked books, made lists, shared resources, sketched, asked questions, sought out answers, and read aloud. Some of us whined (Kate and me). For the past 3 days each of us lived the writer's life... and yes, we stayed in the room.

Here's to Ferolyn, Kim, Janet, Sherry, Pete, Ricky, Liz, Gail, Danielle, and Kate... and to the words we all composed.
Ferolyn & Kate

The New Maine Writing Project iWrite t-shirt.

Liz, Ricky, & Ferolyn



  1. Thanks, Rich. Great photo and time with you. We're in the home stretch now, day four. Write write write, eat, write, laugh, shop talk, gasp, groan, write. "At 81 I'm still a student to my page," Donald Murray, right?
    We miss you.