Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dodging the Rain Drops (and lightning bolts)

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We've had some pretty rotten weather lately. On Wednesday, after rain showers through the morning, I checked out the radar and saw a break in the action. So, I threw on some hiking cloths, packed a few dog treats, and headed out to Whitecap's Connector trail. We hiked this time--running felt impossible!

I love the artistry of the Whitecap cairns. The trail crew and other hikers have had some fun with the rock markers. My favorite is a Buddha-esque formation near the summit.

Bailey did suck some air on the way up, and I encouraged him to jump in the various puddles and drink from streams. He did. Rolls of thunder and then a light rain came as we headed down the East Andover Parking Lot Trail. On this hike I brought my collapsable LL Bean hiking poles. Naturally, they're metal, so when the thunder began to sound, I thought about lightning rods... and collapsed the poles. I don't have a PhD for nothing!

And so it goes. We were both pooped when we got home, but the Red Sox were on, and dinner was already made: a good evening with well-worn bodies.  
My Buddha Cairn on Whitecap's Connector Trail.

Carins lining the traverse from the Connector to Main Trail. 

Double water falls near the base of the Connector Trail. 

Bailey's cooling mechanism at full function. 

Looking out toward the White Mountains. 

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