Saturday, June 15, 2013

Celebrating 60... with 60

For a year now, I've been thinking about a way to celebrate turning 60 years old this October. One thought was to train well and then to do a long run/hike in Weld across Blueberry Mountain over The Jacksons down onto Tumbledown Mountain. Another idea hit me today while, after a couple of good training days, I ran the Connector Trail loop on Whitecap Mountain. I say ran... I maintained some semblance of a run for 70 percent of the 90-minute trek.

After running the Connector Trail on Whitecap Mountain. 
While running across the rock face of Whitecap with that fabulous view up the Androscoggin River toward the White Mountains, I thought of undertaking 60 activities that make me happy and/or challenge me in some way. As I ran down the East Andover trail, with blood dripping down my forearm (the old man fell on wet rock), I decided that the activities would not all have to be physical in nature. If you know me well, I'm about as social as a dust mite in a dryer's lint filter, so attending a party (oh gawd, I'm not doing that), would be a challenge. However, having friends over for dinner or working on a new writing project would certainly count.

I may make a list of the 60, or I may not. But for now, check off #1, baby! Now what?

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