Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter Blues...

It happens every winter. Dark days mount up; unwanted snow keeps invading the radar screen; long, slushy drives back from Orono raise my angst; and the quirky characters on reruns of The West Wing seem like my closest friends. Last night during Season 5, Episode 4, I actually gave advice to Josh, the nimrod. (Who am I making fun of? The other day I took out my car key and pressed "Unlock" as I stood squarely in front of my office door at the university. I am a professor, after all.)

It is what it is.

But like a lot of people, if I get out and hike or run, my dampened spirits begin to melt away with the rising temperatures. That was the case today. I hiked up through the neighborhood, onto a logging road near the reservoir, and in 17 minutes hit the snow mobile trails. From there,  I run, jog, or slog along while Bailey investigates Every.Single.Smell. And 66 minutes later, I'm home--tired but rested and knowing Spring is nearly here.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Bailey on the back deck during snow flurries. 

One of the Three Sisters taken from my second floor. 

Again, one of the Three Sisters. 

Mr. Fournier's home with the Three Sisters in the background. 

Books, snow... books and snow. 

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