Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hiking Whitecap

On Saturday, August 18, we hiked White Cap... up and down in less than 2 hours... a new record for me. And I only fell 3 times! Man, I'm getting old. Bailey learned a good lesson--as often happens, on the descent he went ballistic and started sprinting through the thick woods off trail near the top.  Soon, I heard a loud cry from him--it didn't stop--and there he sat next to the trail with his hind leg in an odd position. I felt him over for a broken bone or dislocation--all seemed right and no whimpering. Then checked for thorns or sticks or torn pads. Nothing. He probably tweaked something-- or got jabbed, the knucklehead. Anyway, after checking himself out a bit, he headed off down trail as if nothing mattered... again, I say, the knucklehead.   

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