Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yago returns

Last night, Bailey and two of Yago's friends came to the airport with me to pick up our Spanish friend. I was so pleased with Bailey's behavior in the airport terminal... who knew that they allowed dogs in the place. An airport staffer watched me standing on the sidewalk for a half and hour when he finally said, "You know, he can go inside if you want." I didn't know and I was so appreciative of the guy's words. For an hour Bailey had old and young alike stopping to say hello. Most got right on the floor with him. He was gentle and laid back and rolled onto his back for most everyone asking for a belly rub. Teenaged girls and elderly "we used to have a Berner" folks petted the furry boy and enjoyed his company. It reassured me that soon he'll be an older, more settled dog and perhaps stints in the nursing home for hugs and hellos will be a possibility. He is a hug-able, happy fella who seems to make people smile.
Today, we have kids and friends popping in to say hello to Yago. Bailey played with them for hours, but now he's underneath the writer's chair taking a nap after a late night of airport love.

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