Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puppy Class: Bailey Passed with high praise...

... and I learned a lot about my mistakes with my pooch.

Jane is owner/trainer of The Proper Pooch in Peru at the head of Worthley Pond (207.562.4765). We were greeted by Jane's wonderful 3-year old Bubba (top photo) Next, Lucky Marden and family arrived with kids and dad. Lucky took 3 minutes to warm up to Bailey, and then... nonstop play just like litter mates (and a long night's sleep).

Sweet, Mississippi belle Holly, a rescue dog (third photo down resting in Mom's lap) warmed up to the excitement when we went into Jane's indoor facility. Jane's easy-going manner and spot-on advice helped me (and Bailey) discover our strengths and challenges. Next Wednesday we return for more play, more training, and more good advice! I know Bailey will love hanging our with his furry friends at The Proper Pooch.

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