Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Second Walk

Yesterday, Bailey's cousins Bapu and Minga taught him how to walk around the neighbor- hood on a leash. It took a bit of modeling on his cousin's part to help the Bailster figure it all out--and Bapu paid the price of having his butt nipped by the little guy. Today, Bailey went solo, up hill and down, for about a mile. He met Ivan the dog up the street and two big barking dogs that sent shivers up his spine. He met an electrician on a ladder and cocked his head from side to side, barking softly, probably, "Do you really want to be way up there? Don't fall! Can I come up?" All in all it was a masterful first solo walk. Smart dog, intelligent dog... who is now crashed on the kitchen floor: smart Rich, intelligent Rich. Time to write.

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